Griffin McCombs

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Griffin began tip at Wake Forest before coming to East for his 2nd-4th years. 3rd year, Griffin took Game Theory with Rico Garcia and they probably don't remember what the class was even about because they spent the whole time messing around with each other. Griffin was in History of the Future 4th year. He is a great frisbee player, so he was a huge help in beating the staff his 4th year. Griffin hosted the 2017 talent show alongside Nick Woodman, and Griffin told lots of dad jokes (obviously). Side note: he also looks amazing in dresses and rompers. If you every need to find Griffin, he's probably either listening to Drake, chilling with his dog Richard, or at crew.

Griffin had a very brief relationtip with Tyler Donovan 3rd year. Their relationtip began at the last dance and ended when tip was over. It was very short but also very sweet and the two remain extremely close as friends. Tyler adores Griffin and still thinks of him every time Iris comes on.

Griffin received the gentleman's hat from Nick Jones in 2016, and it was a source of comfort for him later because his aunt and grandfather died between his 3rd and 4th years. The date his aunt died is written inside the hat because she was a mentor and role model for him. When Griffin returned in 2017, he was a perfect gentleman. He was kind and caring to every single tipster. Griffin is known for his easy going attitude and is always willing to talk to you. He is the perfect person to go to if you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to tell you dad jokes.