Hunter Corrin

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Hunter Corrin (front). From left to right: Derek Tang, Conor McAvoy, Nico Leis, Ryan Diebner
  • 2012: 2nd Year East Term 1 - Back to Rock

Hunter Corrin, who is sometimes referred to as Cunter Horrin, is the studliest stud in the history of TiP. Cunter lives in Greenville, Sc, and he is the god of flow, with flow so flowtacular that he outflows Bieber. He is not quite Bieber gay but maybe like... One Direction gay. There is definitely is some trace of gay in the great Hunter Corrin, but he is so confident in his sexuality that it matters not how gay others perceive him to be, as he will always know exactly what team he bats for deep down in his heart. He loves running the bases in baseball, it gives him a wonderful thrill because we all know that running releases chemicals in the body that make you feel good... [1] or maybe for another reason, who knows? He also loves awkward foursomes... and he invokes very complicated relationTiPs. Hunter is a master of the game Never Have I Ever, and by that I mean that he always loses. Hunter is like Bach... he knows exactly how to seduce a woman simply by using the power of his guitar and his amazing voice to play TiP songs... or not TiP songs. Hunter loves to shun weaker souls in his RAG, often commenting on how there is an open seat or how someone (Liam) hasn't shown up for dinner. In the year following his second year, he started a relationship with the other TiPster from his school, Alie Fink. Hunter and Alie are perfect together........ Hunter sucks at throwing frisbee, he lacks the interest that most people have with The Watercolors Frisbee..... His eyes are set on the The Pimp Robe. I can almost certainly guarantee that as a fourth year, Hunter will be the proud bearer of the beloved pimp robe. Hunter Corrin enjoys getting involved in shenanigans. He was too p**** to buy condoms from the Marketplace, but he promises he will do it when he is a third year. Other shenanigans will not be disclosed due to privacy issues. Hunter Corrin is the bomb.