I'm on a boat

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From The Lonely Island's album Incredibad, this was the theme song for TIP at DUML in 2009. In 2010, Stoner brought a tuxedo to camp, and wore it during Dorm 1's tipsync of I'm on a boat. Unfortunately the judges were quite dumb and declared everyone a winner which was so stupid that everyone was like you're an idiot. The video can be seen on Carly Fox's facebook. In fact, when the tipsters went on the Susan Hudson for a field trip, it was tradition to sing the song until the TA or instructor got annoyed. This resulted in most of the staff banning the tipsters from singing this song.

Austin's RC group during U[sic]GA term 2 2010 also preformed this. The dance was based upon stuffing Ross yanuck into a suitcase and having him jump out and pretend it was a boat. Also on the part of "gettin everybody all wet" Ross jumped out of said "boat" suitcase and ran around the auditorium spraying people with a water gun. While Jas Rempala, Nikolai Horbovetz, and Will Ehrensperger sang. Needless to say they did not win.