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Jas "Three-Face" Rempala was a third year at UGA, term two during the summer of 2010. He was a second year at UGA, term two the year before as well. He is now done with his 4th year, finishing it off at UGA.


  • He is also insanely cool
  • Most likely holds the record for one of the best talent show pieces in the history of Tip (at the very least UGA), with his rendition of Mother Lover.
  • He is know for only having three faces. The three faces he typically uses are happy, confused, and intense. Intense is commonly accepted to be his default face, and at any given moment he will making the intense face. When confronted about his lack of normal faces, he usually switches to happy.
  • He is also known to make different faces on special occasions. These include the blow face, the sad face, the sprinkle face, the dead mother face, etc. These have only been demonstrated on a handful of occasions though, and are not considered to be part of his official face collection.
  • He is the receiver of the Tip Stick, which did not return his third year due to a past tipster's decision to go to China. However, efforts will be made to get the umbrella mailed.
  • Jas is known for being Polish and a badass. When his fourth year rolls around then he will, without a doubt, be one of THE fourth years. He will demand respect from all those younger than him(especially Adam).
  • Not only is he an original member of the "smiley face cult" (other reported members include Leta, Austin, and Curly Sarah), he is also considered to be, in fact, a threat to all younger tipsters for his "seats for seniority" act
  • he is also the inheritor of at least 15 nerf guns and for his fourth year will pass them down to the Tipster who shows significant leadership skills.

He has passed the Nerf Guns on down to Robert Dirr. Hosts Radio TIP

  • He has an awesome and very dynamic friendship with Curly Sarah, meaning it would be fairly normal to see her pull him aside after dinner to yell at him their fourth year. Regardless, she loves him very much and they will be friends for a long time.
  • He is also a DJ on TiP-Radio.