Jason Corbett

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Jason Corbett
Simply Stalin for time until someone can get a pic up
Campus(es) Duke West
Attended 2016
Course(s) Nuclear Science
RAG(s) We Need a Megaphone
Roommate(s) Joseph Orr
Social Media

This page is being worked on, Comrades. Premature judgement means being sent to the Gulag.

Jason Corbett is a TIPster best known for being a communist sympathizer.


Jason was a 1st year 3rd year at Duke West in 2016 Term 1. Probably one of the least interesting members of We Need A Megaphone.

Duke West 2016 Term 1

Jason attended Duke West Term 1 2016, where he arrived a day late due to a mix-up of the dates. Highlights of his stay at TIP include not going to Diversity Dancing with the rest of WNAM, signing up for limbo despite being more than six feet tall, and asking out a lesbian.