Jaxon Wilkerson

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Jaxon Wilkerson was a 3rd year fourth year who attended App State term 2 his first year, and UGA term 2 for his third and fourth years. He was a very strange, yet legendary Tipster who was renowned for being the creator of ART, and inspiring a new age of oddity at the campus. During his first year, he was roommates with the escaped convict Thomas Williford , whom he would go on to be extremely close friends with in his proceeding two terms. Other close friends of Jaxon include his two time roommate and bed buddy Maddux Price, Will Limehouse, Caroline Cox, Trey Avent, Sloan Wilson, Will Nichols, Reuben Profeta as well as many other high profile criminals. At the end of his third year, he lead the infamous "McRib is back, ART" talent show performance that won over the hearts and minds of so many present. He continued that legacy at the next talent show with the "Birth Canal, ART" that established his name in the hall of fame of artistically inclined individuals.

Time at TiP

1st year

Jaxon attended ASU, and was roommates with Thomas Williford.

3rd year

Jaxon attended UGA, taking the legendary class Inspired Writer. He rode that class into the ground like a flaming pegasus.

4th Year

Jaxon brought a new reign of ART to TiP. It was beautiful and painful all at the time, and we enjoyed every second of it.


Member of The Backdorm Boys

Preceded by:
Daniel O'Connell
Holder of the Bora Frisbee Succeeded by:
Chris Gregoire

Preceded by:
Announcer of the Orange of the Day (w/ Thomas Williford) Succeeded by:
Caroline Moore and Trey Avent/ The Milkman