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Thomas Williford was a legendary 4th year 4th year who attended App State term II for his first year and UGA term II for every year proceeding. Over the course of those three years at UGA, Thomas opened up a lot, and transformed from a shy young second year, into the wild, rambunctious, and passionate tipster that he is remembered for being. From his third year onward, Thomas was a huge influence on the campus: he embodied the TiP spirit, and always brought the hype wherever he was. Thomas was a member of the tipster sorority Tri-Delta, and accomplished many legendary feats during his time at TiP. He was known for his astounding Vermonster consumption skills, that came in handy more than once. During his fourth year, Thomas was a part of many traditions at TiP: he was the holder of the TiPStick, the wearer of the Party Glasses, and a member of The Backdorm Boys. Thomas also started the tradition of Orange of the Day and the Oarange with his best friend Jaxon Wilkerson. Thomas made TiP feel like a home for everyone, and was a great leader during his final year who left a huge impact on the campus, and was one of the major forces that helped to make TiP the place it is today at UGA.

Thomas made his return to UGA Term 2 as an RC. Prohibiting the consumption of soap and eliminating profane comments regarding bear mating rank among his most significant challenges.

Time at TiP


Member of The Backdorm Boys

Preceded by:
Neil Goodman
Wearer of the Party Glasses Succeeded by:
Trey Avent/ The Milkman

Preceded by:
Announcer of the Orange of the Day (w/ Jaxon Wilkerson) Succeeded by:
Caroline Moore and Trey Avent

Preceded by:
Millie Chokshi
Holder of the TiPstick Succeeded by:
Rebecca Schlafke