Neil Goodman

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 First University of Kansas II Mathematical Problem Solving Lewis Hall Andy Biar Matthew "Crash" Annis
2012 Second University of Georgia I Criminal Law and Mock Trial Myers Hall C Aaron Shulman
2013 Third University of Georgia II American Foreign Policy Myers Hall Chris Tyland Duggins
2014 Fourth University of Georgia II The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity Myers Hall Tim

Neil Goodman is a 3rd year 3rd year at TIP. He has bounced around quite a bit, taking Mathematical Problem Solving at KU Term 2 2011, Criminal Law and Mock Trial at UGA Term 1 2012, and American Foreign Policy at UGA Term 2 2013. Neil's roommates were (in order): Matthew "Crash" Annis, Aaron Shulman, and Tyland Duggins. Neil is known for his juggling (he juggled in the talent show his 2nd and 3rd years), his convincing speeches, and his paleness. He has had a myriad of exciting relationTIPs, which bettered his TIP experience. He also stole a plate from Bolton to use in his 2013 TiPromposal.

Back from 3 weeks of badassery, Neil is now a 4th year 4th year who has settled into UGA term 2 as his home. To add to the epicness of his 4th year, Neil had no roommate for 2 weeks due to an overreaction to an illness by his roommate. Like anyone would do, Neil created a megabed complete with an extra fitted sheet and duct-taped feet sheets. He also met an amazing girl, Natalie Clark, whom which he spent most of his time with both in class and out. Going out with a bang (pun intended), Neil's last day at tip was filled with Juggling, disciplinary meetings, and a plateful of iHop bacon.

(Left to Right)
Tyland Duggins, Chase Davis, Andrew Mull, Neil Goodman
Neil decided to come up with name of "Quarter-Black" for this group.


Neil Goodman was a member of CTC, the Great Game of 2013 (Diplomacy), and the MoFos. He is the current holder of the Barbuto frisbee, passed down to him from Taylor DeVault. He also recieved half of Reece's glasses in a moment of confusion. Neil will try his best to turn this into some sort of tradition and buy new light-up glasses for dances his 4th year.