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Jihad is a card game invented by the Dennisists at Duke West Term 1 '05. Jihad is based on War, but cooler. It parodies many major religions.


There are three piles. The foolish masses, heaven, and hell, in that order. Depending on which card wins, the losing cards go to one of those three piles, but never to the winner's hands. All players start with 7 cards, as tehre are 7 days in most holy weeks. If you are atheist, there are 7 days in your week too. All players play their top card at the same time and the highest card wins. Depending on the winning card, different things happen.

  • 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s are uslim so the cards that lost die and go to hell.
  • 10s are Jewish, so when a ten wins, the cards go to hell and the 10 has a bar mitzvah and is replaced with a jack from the foolish masses/heaven/hell, the ten replaces the jack's spot in masses/heaven/hell.
  • Jacks represent Buddhism, being princes like Buddha. If one wins with a Jack, the losing cards don't go to heaven or hell, but are reincarnated in the foolish masses. The winner also gets a buddha bonus, a card from hell is reincarnated into the bottom of the winner's pile.
  • Queens and Kings are christian, when they win cards go to heaven.
  • Aces are athiest, they win, but refuse to participate in the next holy war, meaning the winner doesn't put down a card the next turn.
  • Martyrs- A player can martyr when they put down two cards, before any other cards are played. In a martyr, everyone dies. Everyone but the martyr cards go to hell. The martyrs go to heaven and the queens, or virgins from hell, move to the heaven pile to entertain themartyrs.
  • Converts- When a player wins, no matter what religion or number, they get their card back and a card from the foolish masses. This card is known as a convert.
  • Rebirth/Apocalypse- When the foolish masses are empty, the cards in heaven are reborn with the coming of their messiah () the heaven cards become the foolish masses cards. There is an apocalypse when the foolish masses run out and there are no cards in heaven. If this occurs, the game ends and everyone loses.
  • A Jihad is the equivalent to a War in the game War, except much cooler. When two people play the same card, three cards are placed faced down and one face up. If one of the members of the war only has 3 cards, two are down and one is up, if 2 than one up one down, and if one card is left, then the other player must flip a card and it is those two cards that are used. The loser of the JIHAD discards all cards used, and the winner takes the cards that he/she/it used and draws three more followers from the foolish masses.

Version II

  • 6s are Satanists. If two Satanists get in a Holy War, the winner gets all of hell. Defeated cards go to hell.