Kannapolis Game '06

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the fateful day Ryan, Barbie, Sam, Money, Nikki, & Aine all got to know each other better than they'd like to know each other.

It all started in the bus, with introductions. and Then Money got Ryan to buy her a drink. and he wouldn't go away, so Amandamandamanda's RC group was stuck w/ him.

Ryan decided the tractors conversation would be a good place to start. Worst damn idea he ever had in his LIFE. Sam decided to continue it with his thoughts on the TiP scavenger hunt. which were, "duct tape? Why not ask for whips and handcuffs too?" worse idea. Then Money was stupid enough to say that her roommate Jim, used Duct Tape compulsively. which led to Ari ducttaped to a tractor and Jim w/ a whip and a llama. yeah, everyone has their stupid moments.

  • note: this is also when Ryan made the all-famous "My Money is wet" comment.
  • Also when Certain People tried to look up Money's shorts
  • Also when Barbie tried to give Aine bad dreams by saying, "llama" repeatedly
  • & also when Hell became A Happy Place.
  • Oh & the Uh-Huh guy.