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Kat's Rag was not as well known as others, like Zulu Force, but they were a female group [beside's Kyler!]. The group was at Duke TIP West Term II '09.


  • Morgan Young
  • Hailey Winston
  • Carrie Hill
  • Abigail Lawrence
  • Emily Kiehn
  • YounJi Lee
  • Chi Le
  • Chelsey Lin
  • Emmalee Todd
  • Alicia Wood
  • Ina Liu
  • Debbie List
  • Megan Murphy
  • RC Honorary Member Sunny Zhang. Sunny could always be seen crawling into the RC group meetings and sharing stories :]

RC Kat

Kat was one of the best RC's ever, even though some may say she was strict. We say she was fair. Kat was once said to be most likely to induce diabetes in TIPsters. Kat was also THE best cook at Duke West, much better then the Great Hall chefs (although that's not saying much). Andrew once said in an 'Asian Man Tells Tales of Wisdom': "Anything Kat cooks is the best thing in the world."

RC Group Nights

We would normally watch outrageous old movies, like What A Way to Go and Singing In the Rain. It was during Singing in the Rain that Sampson and Mary Ann were born. We also got the most original gift ever: tiaras! We wore them with pride the next day, even though we looked like idiots. Andrew, Alysen, and Sam crashed the party. We fed them cupcakes and let them wear the crown, even though Andrew had no hair to keep the crown in.


The girls in Kat's rag were very predictable. Debbie could almost always be found with the robotics guys, Emmalee with Thomas (or so everyone believed, Thomas claims that this only occurred for the last few days of tip), Hailey with Morgan (who was with many different people, since she makes friends so quickly),Chi, Chelsey, and Ina with Sunny, Barbie, and the AZN guys, and Alicia, Emily, Abi, and Julia could be found many times hanging out with Megan and Matt. WE also had the most amazing break dancer, YounJi, who blew everyone away by dancing to Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" at the talent show, because she's just awesome like that.