Kathryn Hood

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This chick is the greatest person you will ever meet. Often known to wear pink on Wednesdays and go all out for spirit days, Kathryn is a sweetheart who is sure to make you smile. She started out as a first year at ASU, then moved to UGA's campus for years two through four. Her 3rd year she roomed with Andrea Gardner, and together they created a force so fab the world did not know what hit them. Her classes consisted of Psychology, Crypto, The Brain, and Pharmacology. Of course Kathryn's favorite class was The Brain, where she met Taylor DeVault, the next greatest person you will ever meet. As of her fourth year, she is an avid member of Calek's Crew. Yes, the rumors are true, she did in fact bring a palm tree to hang in her dorm room. Kathryn is predicted to own her own neighborhood of which she will call "The Hood." It will be awesome. And probably monogrammed. At the end of her 4th year she gave a black snapback to Kyle Bauske, a 2nd year who she thought was "The coolest 2nd year she knew". She also uses the phrases "knock on hood" and "booyah." Miss Hood gave TiP her all, and changed the lives of everyone she met for the better.

Once "adulthood" came around, Kathryn entered the world of RCdom at App State, her first home. She RC'd 2016 and 2017 to four wonderful groups of tipsters, but she made her way to the RHL position in 2018.