Taylor DeVault

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Taylor DeVault, TDev, or also known as Tay Tay, is a fabulous fourth year-fourth year, and one of the only TiPsters from Missouri. She attended ASU in 2010 and UGA 2011-13, all Term 2. Taylor had to be dragged to camp her first year, where she took Creative Writing. She found herself very 'at home' by her second year, where she took Pharmacology, and grew even closer with her UGA family. Her favorite class was The Brain her third year because the fabulous Kathryn Hood was her classmate, an honor which Taylor bragged of often. She was known to always be with Leta ,Rob, and Raj. She is also the long lost twin of Vanessa Wilson. Taylor took her fourth year by storm, taking Philosophy of Knowledge, and having a fantastic roommate, Jasmine Hawkins, and an amazing RC group! (See Calek's Crew)As a fourth year, she passed down the Ehrensperger/Barbuto/Gentry/DeVault frisbee to third year Neil Goodman. It was very sentimental. This girl is always smiling, and her laugh is contagious. TiP is her favorite place in the whole wide world. Taylor is a fantastic person, and I love her dearly. She means so much to me more than words can say <3 Oh yeah, and she's sort of super best friends with this kid named Anthony Gagliardi. Sort of.