Jasmine Hawkins

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Jasmine Hawkins
Jasmine with her favorite brother Shiv Daftari
Name Jasmine Hawkins
Residence Seattle, Washington
Nickname(s) Jazzy, Big Sis (only reserved for Shiv)
Attributes Funny, stylish, perfect, amazing, brilliant, classy, meaningful, odd, friendly, intimidating, kind, etc.
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Other She is an awesome role-model

Jasmine Hawkins was a second year at Texas A&M Term 2 where she took Entrepreneurial Leadership. Here, she met her best friends Elizabeth Hitti, Shree Patel, Britt Barrientos and James Youhne. She was known for always having a smile on her face and having the best dance moves. She was in a RelationTiP with Daniel Llanes, even though her heart was truly in the Lesbian Quartet with the previously mentioned amazing girls (not including James). She was known to always have a friend by her side and she was extremely outgoing. I love this girl so much. Now you wish you were at A&M with us.

4th Year

Instead of going back to TAMU, she went to UGA instead. Although new, she was surprised to see that some of her Aggy friends had come along as well such as Shiv Daftari and Trevor Jones (whom she had a huge relationtip with). She took American Foreign Policy playing a minor role in the Great Game of 2013 as the second sultana of Turkey along with Hannah Hale. She become a inseparable brother-sister pair with Shiv and could be seen everywhere together. Although Shiv acted like he didn't like Jasmine, he misses her a lot (partly cause he has 2 brothers and doesn't have a sister besides Jasmine). She made a lot of friends at UGA like Taylor DeVault. She left with a heavy heart, but high spirits as she knew she had made friendships to last.

Past the TIP

Jasmine has moved on her with life and found new meaning. Namely in cats and her best friend Arielle. She has enjoyed her times at many camps, including space camp. Currently she attends the University of Washington in Seattle and is KILLING it! Going to spend her summer in Tokyo, Japan doing amazing cancer research and smoke all of her peers because she is so smart. Everyone is proud of Jazzy, most importantly Blossom. Stay tuned for more updates.