Katie Porter

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Katie Porter attended the Second Term Politics in Practice class at the University of Kansas taught by the fantastic Mark Harvey in 2006. She was a member of the amazing RPP and was considered the mother of the group. While at TIP, developed her ketchup writting skills, made many friends and sucessfully spread the love with peace bear. One specific instance of love-spreading included harassing thirteen year old Trey, who made it very clear during the first few days of class he had no interest in girls whatsoever. Thus Katie made it her goal to make Trey love girls.

Katie's tactics included:

  1. writing Trey love poems
  2. waving in a crazed manner across the cafeteria at Trey
  3. hugging Trey constantly
  4. Attempting to hold Trey's hand
  5. Befriending Trey's friends
  6. Sitting with Trey whenever possible
  7. Dancing with Trey and his friends at TIP dances

By the end of the term, Katie felt she had succeeded in her goal when Trey said he'd miss Katie, he cried when he had to leave and proceeded to introduce Katie to his mother on the last day, who apparently already knew alot about Katie.