Kelemet Telwar

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st App State II Theater Arts White Hall Heidi Caitlyn Bradbury
2013 2nd UGA II Criminal Law and Mock Trial Myers Hall Jennifer Allison Deen
2015 4th UGA II Philosophy Myers Hall Gianna Skylar Caldwell

Kelemet Telwar was regretfully waitlisted her third year of TIP, but she gallantly returned for her fourth year. She has only had one relationTIP, and she has only had one TIProm date. Her first year, she went through her scene phase and embarrassed herself continuously. Her second year, she grew up a little, but suffered from some anxiety and depression that made her life hell. Her fourth year was definitely her best, and she met a lot of people that changed her life forever. Her birthday is March 15th, she lives in Nashville, TN, and she wants all of you to follow her on Instagram (@kelefreak) and Spotify (kelemettelwar). Also, check out her blog: [[ ]]


Kelemet's Fourth Year Will

I know I should go into detail about my TIP experience, but I know for a fact that I will burst into hysterical tears if I do. Also, it’s already past the due date for my will, so in no particular order, I’ll just tell people what I’m leaving them and/or am thanking them for.

To my RC group, I leave my eternal friendship and unconditional love. Thank you for everything. To my class, I leave the airhorn app. Use it wisely. I love you all. To my fellow fourth years, I give you all the best wishes for your futures and the hopes we’ll all stay in touch. Alex, I give you better luck. Peyton, I leave you Slipknot, the best band ever. Also, eternal friendship. Parker, I give you the power to crush the patriarchy with a single throw. Also, one million hugs. Storm, I’m not giving you anything. Instead, I’m taking from you. I’m stealing your fashion sense. To Barrie, I leave all my contact info, so we may go to cons together. Skyler, I love you. Thank you for putting up with me. Grace, you’ve been my friend since day one of ASU. Thank you. Dakotah, I’m so happy I got to see you again for my last year of TIP. We need to hang out afterwards. Thank you for everything. Emma, thank you for all the love and hugs and jokes. I’m going to miss you. To Maggie, I leave dank memes and rare pepes. Thank you for everything. Also: FIGHT ME. Emily, I’m going to your wedding. I’m going to marry you instead of Trey. Gracie, you are so sweet and understanding. Thank you for being awesome. Shoutout to all the second and third years, who have their whole TIP lives ahead of them. Also, shoutout to JB and Kyle for showing me awesome movies and new ways to think. Lastly, to all of TIP, I give my Instagram (@kelefreak) so we can all keep in touch for the rest of our lives. Or, until a new social media comes and makes Instagram die out just like Facebook did to MySpace.

Don’t forget in the dark what you learned in the light. I love you all.