Kingdom of Sweden

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The most awesome group of Mark Harvey's students ever!

Kingdom of Sweden was the name of the Kansas Term I International; Relations class of '06. Mark Harvey is the teacher, and was the TA, who was always calm, even when the students were not. We will never forget the games of Risk, Supremacy, and Red Empire. Nor the tireless fun of watching Fahim and Anthony chase bunnies at Fraser Hall. Good Times, Good Times...

Kingdom of Sweden was named after a really cool t-shirt worn by Matt on the first day of class. The origin of the shirt is belived to be a thrift store. The world, hovever, will never know.

The Class Mascot was the BIG BOY.

Members of the Kingdom of Sweden

  • Anthony Dechen
  • Fahim Adnan
  • Brett Gallion
  • Afton Abell
  • Claire Colberg
  • Catherine Post (took the Politics in Practice class in 2004)
  • Kayla Sklar
  • Chanel Watkins
  • Chris Petersen
  • Andrew Cook
  • David Massey
  • Nace Zipperman
  • Maggie Clark
  • Holden Beale
  • Drew Paulman
  • Justin Parker

The Kingdom of Sweden was the group founded by Mark Harvey's first term class, International Relations, for the summer of 2006 at University of Kansas.

Mottos, chants, sayings

  • When you see the flash... DUCK AND COVER!!
  • You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!
  • Question athority... STICK IT TO THE MAN!!
  • You Wanna be Cool? JOIN US? You wanna be great? JOIN US!!

Good times, Good times

  • Kayla Sklar confronted OSC by telling her that she (Kayla) was the new OSC and that Laura had to go home.
  • Presidential masks purchased by gave their rally a sleek new image. They successfully rallied most of the camp to their event.
  • Mark, Drew, and Brett dressed up as women on opposite day.
  • and terrorizing rabbits in front of Fraser Hall.
  • almost crying because of the dead baby rabbit on the road.

Things you might hear in class

  • Good times...
  • New Leader!
  • No, you were supposed to give me fingernail polish remover!
  • In Mother Russia, 1+1=AK47!
  • Silly is good, but so is revolution!
  • I've never been asked to touch a man's chest before...
  • Long live El Presidente Salvador Dali Mali Marco!
  • I want to clean our country. We're dirty.
  • Stp nuking me!
  • Bring out the prisoner!
  • Running after them will warp their personalities.
  • I'm afraid of the elevator... and the ghosts at Watson stacks!
  • Hey guys, come to this end of the table. They're playing name that star wars aircraft!
  • ...It's like saying everybody in France wears those funny hats!
  • Let me quote from the 'Communist Manifesto'...
  • The Congo is strong!
  • Che so sexy (also on the Kingdom of Sweden class T-shirt)
  • Thank g-d for communism (also on the Kingdom of Sweden class T-Shirt)
  • You're unamerican, I'm writing you a ticket!
  • I always wanted to be a cheerleader!
  • Look, I have control of Africa!