Legendary Promposals

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Legendary Promposals are those that go down in TIPstery (TIPster history) as the most epic of TIPromposals. Hopefully, all those that end up deserving a spot on this page were accepted. Feel free to add any TIPromposals that you believe are legendary to this page.

The Original Legenday Promposal

At 4:20 P.M. June 24th, 2015, at Trinity University, Carter Mailloux promposed to Molly Rose in a way that no one will ever forget. Using a small remote-controlled drone, Carter carried a promposal note from the second floor to Molly Rose, who was in the Pit. The note read... Prom? In which Molly Rose replied "yes"

The TIPWiki Promposal

Main Article: Christopher Tate's Perfect (?) TIPromposal

On Wednesday, July 27th, 2016, at Georgia Tech, Christopher Tate TIPromposed to Katie Hitchcock in the typical fashion, a simple face to face ask. She said yes, but soon withdrew her response after someone suggested Chris make a TIPWiki page to ask her. Undaunted by this challenge, he single handedly created a glorious TIPromposal which can be found here (as well as the full backstory): Christopher Tate's Perfect (?) TIPromposal. After seeing this page, Katie said "yes" for a second time.

Edit by Christopher: It was a great night. She even made me a button to commemorate her acceptance!
Edit by Christopher II: I'm not sure "undaunted" is the right word for my thoughts after the idea for a TIPWiki page was shared with me. It was a very daunting process, that's for sure.