Lenora's Menorahs

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At Term 2, West Campus 2005, this was Lenora's RAG of 3rd year girls.

After much thought and deliberation, the Menorahs discovered that nothing rhymed with RC Lenora's name...except Menorah.

The Menorahs, as appearing on the RAG shirt, are as follows:

  • 1. (who probably could have gotten a better, more fitting nickname if the menorahs had thought about it a little more)- well known for her lack of knowledge about...um, teenage-themed topics
  • 2. (who, might I add, has no idea why she got that nickname because she is not at all gothic)- who after several months, finally confesses to breaking the urinal in the unisex bathroom in the basement of the languages building.
  • 3. -the resident space expert and star gazer
  • 4. - well loved by her friends and family back home as well as from the menorahs, she supplied the RAG with much deserved good food.
  • 5. - who also liked disney and the oc, but not as much as claire (see below)
  • 6. Kelci "Eeyore" Harris - the rocker-fied black chick with a strong liking for led zeppelin
  • 7. - the resident vegetarian
  • 8. - the resident curling iron expert
  • 9. - who had had a relationTIP with chris from HI.
  • 10. - who really really liked disney and really really liked the oc
  • 11. - the resident expert
  • 12. - the resident Harry Potter freak, but the Menorahs love her anyway.
  • 13. . - who still cries when she hears goodnight sweetheart and here's to the night, smiles when a picture of Angela in a hot pink bra comes up on her screensaver, and does the time warp again and again.

Lenora's Menorahs were characterized by their love of disney songs, 90s boy bands, the OC , outer space (mainly just one certain member), a certain Professor Snape/ TIP Boy (another -cough- certain member), and serenades from the tsars of no pants.

Love and Adoration

Your collective beauty was just barely outshined by your brilliance. Some of you were pretty ditzy though. In fact you should be named, "Lenora's ditzy cutesy girly RAG." Still some of the coolest girls around. -Taylor