Maddy Moresi

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Julian Moresi (formerly known as Maddy Moresi) was a fourth year in the '12 term, attended Duke East Term II, and was the owner of The Gentleman's Hat. They were notably the first female bearer of The Gentleman's Hat, though that in no way makes them any less gentlemanly. An avid internet and indie culture connoisseur, Moresi is a well known shya user/abuser and is almost certainly cooler than you. Jammin' to tUnE-yArDs and Neutral Milk Hotel, Julian could often be seen strutting around the quad whilst wearing their blue backpack, which is rumored to contain their soul.

Julian is one of the nicest people that you will certainly ever meet. They are known to be very emotional during trying times, such as the 4th year speeches after the talent show, and especially at the passing down of The Gentleman's Hat.

Preceded by:
James Hunter Archer
Owner of The Gentleman's Hat Succeeded by:
Henry Saussy