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Shya, in the words of Gavi, is "that weird crack stuff you guys have". Shya is currently legal in all 50 states, as well as all Canadian provinces. It is customary that shya be enjoyed whilst playing Mao, discussing how Colin Meloy and Jonsi tie for the title Most Awesome Dude Ever, or plotting communist revolutions to distribute shya equally amongst the people in a perfectly socialistic way. The most commonly known effects of shya are: util production, exponential growth of the Geek Happies gland, failed frisbee forehands, alliterations, and discovery of lo-fi indie bands. Amongst the native dwellers of TiP, it is commonly believed that shya was originally manifested of a taffy-like mixture of lluv, llove, Maddy's epic mom, and Rakshya Devkota. Shya is native to the second floor of Alspaugh and is most concentrated on the floor of the gigantic room intended for handicapped students that was graciously given by the gods of room assignments to Megan and Stephanie. It has been hypothesized by a Criminal Minds student that shya may have a role in increasing incidents of knape amongst students, as there have been unconfirmed reports that a notorious knapist who for our purposes we will call "Emma" has been roaming East campus, terrorizing TiPsters. Shya is known to exacerbate TiPdrawl, particularly amongst those with seductive knees.