Margaret Laprarie

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About her

She is from Oklahoma City. Her make up is always perfect. Probably one of the most normal tipsters out there. The token straight friend. She is a huge fan of Miranda Sings, Cats, Bath and Body Works, and memes. She was a fashion icon every term she went to TiP.

Trinity University Term 2 2014

Her first year she was in Speculative Fiction and her roommate was Louanne Hood. She spent a lot of time in her room doing her nails much to her roommates distaste. Her group did Pompeii for Tipsync and won third place which caused them to be excited to the point everyone was on the verge of having bodily harm from being so happy. Her sister sent her a bunch of drawings and such which she used to adorn the area around her bed. She wore a lot of jumpers and always smelled really good. She was pretty rad.

East Term 2 2015

As a second year she was in Writing With Power and Kate's RAG. She was well known for wearing Harry Potter dresses which she purchased from Hot Topic. She was friends with Lauren and several other girls. Everyone loved her eyebrows even though she was just getting down the art.