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McDonald's, the United States (Corporate World's) greatest eating establishment, can only be emphasized by Duke West's barely inferior edible qualities.

The Bryan Center has one downstairs, complete with a wall mural of Duke Basketball players. More information soon.

Suggested Orders

  • A bag of fries. Literally, and we mean the paper to-go ones.
  • McFlurry - ice cream!
  • Fries, but not an entire bag. Maybe just two larges.
  • Multiple Big Mac sandwiches
  • As many McNuggets as you can afford

How To Eat It When With RAG

The best (and only) possible way to finish a meal at McDonald's with your RAG is to scarf down the entrée, toss out fries among various ravenous RAG members, and populate the drink with various STDs or viruses obtained from each mouth in the RAG while your RC looks at you all in disgust.