Milanca Wang

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Jump to: navigation, search doing the scavenger hunt. Yeah. Milanca was writing this during a scavenger hunt. In her first year at TIP, she attended Searching for Clues: Literature, Law, and Logic. Her instructor was Brian O'Shea, and her TA was Mallory. She was in Megan's rag, an at MagFest (Quadfest, etc.), she was on the black team AND THE BLACK TEAM WON. Whooo... She loved her class, and her rag: Julia, Finley, Olivia, Annie, Ellie, Lizzie, Grace, Emily I., Maya, Justus, Kate, Annemarie, Amory, Emily K., Ashley, Tyler, Laura, Raegan, Ekta, Shreya, Anna, Sophie, and Elaina.

AND THEN She went to Duke West for her second year (Term 2 2014), and went to Neuroscience (full class list there). Yeah! Cheyenne was her roommate. Quadfest? least we won the spirit award. (And got third overall.) Yeah. RAG??? Cheyenne, Shulammite, Dru, Emma, Kaiti, Maddie, Ariel, Eve, and Annika. YEAH. RACHEL'S SQUAAAAD.