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Mallory -----, 4'10" and blonde. She is one half of the legendary Keepers of the Hata Blockas. See The OSC sunglasses. Don't let her appearance fool you. This girl can give a pretty mean death glare. She blasts death metal, especially Cannibal Corpse through the hallways. And she writes autobiographies about schizophrenics. Mallory began TIP at Davidson II '05. She was in Annie's RAG and took From Wonderland to Hogwarts. She and her first year RAG are still very good friends. Second year, she returned to Davidson for Term II and took Writing Creatively. She was known in this class for her incredibly loud voice, macabre sense of writing style, and her ability to coin iconic phrases such as, "It's all fun and games until a cat gets thrown against a tree,". She was in Jane's RAG her second year, and did not have a wonderful time. In between her second and third years, Mallory seriously considered not returning to TIP, but she changed her mind and attended East II '07. She was in Michelle's RAG with Anna D and took Phantom Fiction. Over the course of her third year, Mallory managed to irritate most of the second floor of Basset, give her teacher death glares, fall over twice during Dizzy Bats, spin on the Statue Quad, write crunk all over herself in Sharpie, and successfully embarassed herself by slipping her number under a door of an unidenitfied British TIPster who was already taken. She also found herself naive enough to kiss the llama, but suddenly realized her folly and vigorously brushed her teeth after. Yes, her third year was glorious. At the end of Term II '07, Mallory and Anna D became the Keepers of the Hata Blockas (or avvies) when they stole Sam the OSC's aviators. Again, see The OSC sunglasses. She is lovable, huggable and adorable. She likes to wear headbands and amazing flats. Mallory has a vast knowledge of Russian history, and taught herself menial Russian. In 2006, she returned from a trip to Russia three days before TIP, and walked around Davidson with a horrible case of jet lag. Additionally, Malloy is a mosh pit/concert veteran, and is a master of working to the front of a crowd. She is very bitter, and often has a scowl on her face, but Mallory really is a sweet person, just don't make her angry. Her spirit animal in the Happy Hunting Grounds is John, a black and white wolf. She likes midnight and winter, especially when the two are put together. Mallory will be returning to East II '08 for her fourth year, if everything works out right.

Undisclosed (later confirmed by Mallory herself) rumors report that Mallory returned to TIP in 2011 to ASU as an RC. Additionally, it has been confirmed that she attended Wake Forest University during term 2 as a TA, and was the instructor for the 2016 WF Mock trial class.

Term History

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate
2005 1st Davidson II From Wonderland to Hogwarts Belk Annie Melissa
2006 2nd Davidson II Writing Creatively Belk Jane Sarah
2007 3rd Duke East II Phantom Fiction Bassett Michelle Mikaela aka Mikoo
2008 4th Duke East II Madness and the Mind Bassett Jasmin Emma