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During East II 2007, Sam the OSC went around campus sporting a rather stylish pair of aviator sunglasses. They became known to those were savvy as the OSC glasses. This mythical creature struck fear into the hearts of TIPsters as The Look was given to them from behind its darkened lenses. The sunglasses came to represent Sam in all of his, albeit theatrical, might. During their last evening session, the Phantom Fiction class went on a crunktacular scavenger hunt for their t-shirts, which were stolen by Peeves the poltergeist. They followed their clues until they came to Sam's office. After threatening to break down his door, Sam admitted the class and proceeded to subject them to ESP tests. Of course, every student failed miserably, however Mallory was able to give Sam her signature death stare, while Maggie merely raised her eyebrow at Sam. Sam soon made the executive decision to give the class the clue, and in his effort to retrieve the clue from his closet, he absentmindedly handed Anna D his beloved sunglasses. Without realizing it, Sam sent the class out of his office with his aviators. A few moments later, Mallory and Anna D realized what had just happened and began to plot. They agreed to not return the glasses, but rather ransom them. Additionally, they settled on switching ownership of the glasses every hour. Anna D and Mallory did not lay out their terms until much later in the evening, during the dahnce. Their terms were as follows: Sam would tell them the explantion to his seal joke, and Sam would come back next year for both terms. If Sam agreed to these terms and met at least one by Saturday morning, he would receive his precious sunglasses back. Of course, Sam tried to argue that those were his "fake" glasses, but everyone knew the truth. The following day, Anna D and Mallory proudly wore the aviators for all to see, including Sam. While at the talent show, it was officially revealed that Sam would not be returning to TIP the following year. Mallory and Anna D were outraged. And so, they decided to effectively start a TIP tradition. The glasses would be passed back and forth every month to its owners, and the next year at TIP, they would pass on the sunglasses to one or two third years who truly exemplified the meaning of having TIP spirit. The said TIPster(s) would be named the Keeper of the Hata Blockas, and would continue the tradition for years to come. However, it should be noted that if Sam were to return to TIP next year, the glasses would be returned to him, as he did in fact tell Mallory and Anna D the answer to his joke.

Keepas of the Hata Blockas

2007: Anna D and Mallory