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One half of the legendary Keepers of the OSC sunglasses, or the Hata Blockas for short, Anna D brought turmoil to every term she attended. She started off as a second year at Davidson I '06. She then saw the error of her ways and attended East II '07. During 2007, she was in Michelle's RAG, the only third year RAG in Basset, part of the terrific three TiPsters who were known for their smallness and their irritating death-metal music. Known for shouting at Mike Sori's RAG down the hall to put shirts on, Anna, along with and her Spanish ska and amazing Converse, was somewhat of a force to be reckoned with. In 2006, she was in International Relations, and famously stalked her TA, Lee, and his plaid shorts. The next year, she signed up for Phantom Fiction, an incredibly crunk class with a crunker TA and Instructor. Anna was the creator of many of the inside jokes of the class, and was affectionately known as Blondie Bhabha by her peers. She had an amazing schoolbag made of Vietnamese rice paper, covered in various off-color pins. It was Anna who physically stole the OSC sunglasses, and her partner in crime Mallory partly came up with the idea to immortalize the Hata Blockas as a relic. Anna has a penchant for ska, death metal, and most of all, The Clash. She is, quite possibly, the biggest Clash fan TIP has ever seen. Her animal spirit guide is a paracan (a cross between a parrot and a toucan) named Geoff, and she enjoys visiting her Happy Hunting Grounds often. In all, Anna is a special TIPster, who along with Mallory made the OSC glasses a relatively minor piece of TIP history.

Term History

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate
2006 2nd Davidson I International Relations Belk Tori Amy
2007 3rd Duke East II Phantom Fiction Bassett Michelle Veronique "Vee"
2008 4th Duke East I RevT Bassett Danielle Helen Brumley!