Mystery Events

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Mystery events are elements of Duke East Quadfest that TIPsters sign up for with no knowledge of what they will involve. Naturally, they are designed to require as little skill as possible, since those signing up for them simply did not know what else to sign up for.

  • Duke East '06'Term I Mystery Event 2: The Distraction Game. This was the last event of the entire contest and was split into three parts, and three teams of three.
    • The first event was reciting as many state capitals as you could while being pelted by water balloons, sprayed by hoses and being doused by buckets.
    • The seccond part was a spelling bee. But you had to eat a warhead everytime you answered.
    • The third and final event was to list as many banned items as you could think of, while being distracted by either Sam the OSC, Daag, or John Birch.
  • Duke East '06 Term II Mystery Event 1: Face-painting
  • Duke East '06 Term II Mystery Event 2: Twister