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Natalie Bardin, I'm sure you've heard the name. Most likely in the same sentence as Smart Water, iced coffee, drama, or lacrosse? Nat loves all of those things. She started her Tip career as a 1st year at Wake Forest where she ordered a ham and pickle sandwich from Trudy every day. At Wake, she was in a relationTIP with Ian Walsh. Though many say that she liked pretzel mnms more than him. Her 2nd year was spent at West, where she took PODM and could always be found with at least two bottles of smart water. That year in PODM, she met her best friend Sadie Ray Ritt. Nat went to each dance of that year with a different brown boy. Roshen, Umesh, and then.... Aneesh. Aneesh was pressured into asking her by multiple other third years such as Chris Sedlock, and Nat’s response was an 8-second “uhhhhh sureeeee.” Her 3rd year was spent (rooming with Sadie in an absolute pig sty) at West as well. Sadie and Nat would stay up until all hours of the night jamming to the same 10 songs, taking Polaroids, and eating various flavors of Goldfish (one of Nats best talents was that she could hold a goldfish in her dimple). For her 3rd year (2018) she was involved in a brief but intense relationship with Trey Duncan (click on his name to know more). Her RAG won 3rd place with Jacob Sartourious's "Sweatshirt" (all her idea by the way). Nat was also an amazing recorder player. She knew how to play many classics such as mask off and the John Cena theme song.