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The Nightmares were one of the six teams that participated in the Duke West Ultimate tournament at Term II 2009. The team went 1-1 in tournament play and placed 5th despite having better records than two teams. In the first round, the Nightmares lost to the eventual runners-up in the Thundercats by a final score of 7-2. Round 2 saw the Nightmares face the Frisbee Unit in a game that wasn't really close, 7-3.

Team Members

  • Austin (team captain)
  • Welles (team captain)
  • Matt (starter)
  • Drew (starter)
  • Ethan (starter)
  • Morgan (starter)
  • Hailey (starter)
  • Blake Hawley
  • Bobby Huddleston (before he had realized his full frisbee potential)
  • Michael
  • Corinne
  • Jess
  • Armaan
  • Ben

2010 Reunion?

There was talk between Blake and Bobby of bringing the Nightmares back in 2010 after both being confronted by the Team Team and the Thundercats a week before the tournament. The plan was to break off and get the best players from both teams to switch to the Nightmares. These plans fell through a few days later. There was too much risk in not getting enough talent and not being able to play on either established team. Both decided to sign on to the Team Team.