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The Official Noah Christian Cornelius Fanclub

Fanclub History

One day out of sheer boredom, Brooke Huffman decided to pay tribute to her true lord and savior- Noah C. Cornelius. She did so the way anyone would- creating a fanclub GroupMe, and including the man, the myth, the legend himself. Noah quickly came to approve of the fanclub and it's antics, leaving his testament behind for his most loyal of fans. The testament is as follows:

1. Make fan club social media

2. Make merchandise and run it by me


4. Spread my music around

Noah then dubbed Brooke the official fanclub president, as well as Sandy and Rory as co vice presidents. With order given to the fanclub, they were now able to do what they truly needed to do- praise Noah's amazing music. Despite Noah's occasional absence, the fanclub is truly the epitome of all things Noah C, and therefore everything good in the cruel world.

Fanclub Members


  • Noah C Cornelius himself
  • President Brooke Huffman
  • Vice President Sandy
  • Vice President Rory
  • Abhi Patel
  • Adrea Norrell
  • Ana Taylor
  • Annie Secker
  • Ava Mandoli
  • Becky Rosen
  • Cassie Burns
  • Dayne Ware
  • Delaney Epley
  • Ethan Saffold
  • Francesca V
  • Helen Emerson
  • Karlyn Simcox
  • Kate Harris
  • Lily Smith
  • Lizzie Wright
  • Maddie Peronto
  • Maggie Ryals
  • Neha Shaw
  • Raguell Couch
  • Reece Overholt
  • Rishi Sekhar
  • Robert Delgado
  • Ryan Hess
  • Sam King
  • Shannon Felder
  • Sydney Blackwell
  • Sydney Rendahl
  • Taylor


  • Abby Shields
  • Abrie Helm
  • Ali Stabile
  • Austin Leavitt
  • Lily Patrico
  • Nila Sasi

How To Join

Joining the fanclub is a vigorous process, not for the faint of heart. The process is completely top secret, only known to those who are currently in the club. The process can only be told by a current club member to those who wish to join. Or if you want you can just follow @officialnccfanclub on Instagram. Whatever.