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As a TiPster, Nola Seta was a member of the SMP, and also the Foxy Four, which consisted of her, Leah Allen, Allie Altholz and one other female TiPster. [Name unknown.]


Nola came back as an RC in 08. First term.. Um. whatever. Second term, her RAG consisted of Alli Schloeman, Tara, Analyssa Lopez, Sydney, Tia, Meghana, Anita, Lillian, Cat, Katie, Kyle/ Mary Michael, and Emily. They were pretty much the BEST RAG ever [proof: they bought her an icecream cake for her birthday!]. Nola's claim[s] to fame as an RC: having SHARKS walk out of her closet and being oblivious to said shark, and being one of the hottest RC's on campus. Many fourth year guys will argue this, saying Nola was THE hottest RC, but that's up for debate. She's fun, silly & gorgeous. However, '08 was her first and last year as an RC at TiP, which is definitely sad for anyone who didn't know her this year. Nola was also the BEST Super-RC ever. She did a backflip.

As an additional note, I was going to be 10 minutes late to class(meaning no free time and a bit of trouble) and while I was walking to class Nola said, "I will come with you". And I was instantly out of any and all trouble with my professor... That is the definition of cool. I didn't even know her that well but she helped me. Props -Chris