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Nuggies are the Davidson 2017 Term 2 name for chicken nuggets. Also called "chicken nuggies", "boneless nuggies", but not to be confused with "scoobert doobert nuggies", a different breed altogether.

The term nuggies originated with RC Carly. Carly told her group that one of the only foods that Davidson can make correctly are chicken nuggets. Sometimes, she will get so excited for them that she will exclaim "NUGGIES!", which the other RCs may tease her (playfully) for. Anyway, her RC group called nuggets "nuggies", and the name stuck.

Sarah and Her Nuggies

Sarah, a member of Carly's RC group, loved nuggies. Loved. She would get nuggies for every single meal at lunch and dinner. For three weeks. Occasionally, she got other food in addition to nuggies, but always nuggies. Sarah was also the creator of the phrase "y'all guys y'ickens y'ain't not y'aren't not gettin' jinky with the boneless scoobert doobert nuggies", a reference to many, many, inside jokes, one being nuggies. With the spread of this phrase, "nuggies" spread as well, until many people outside of Carly's group were calling chicken nuggets "nuggies."

Sarah loved nuggies. We love Sarah. So did nuggies, apparently, because they are (currently) the only RelationTIP from Davidson 2017 Term 2.

Nuggies Today

At the end of the term, the question arose as to when Carly's group would have a reunion, or, if you will, a TIPunion. The answer was that once Sarah consumes 525,600 nuggies (an allusion to the musical RENT). Once it became clear that this would be quite diffcult for Sarah to do on her own, we decided that the TIPunion would occur once Carly's group had eaten 525,600 nuggies collectively.

About Nuggies

Nuggies typically come in quantities of 5-7. They are usually accompanied by fries. Nuggies are served in Davidson College's dining hall.