Peter Yom

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Peter Yom is a TiPster who started as a first year at Davidson term II 06. At Davidson, Peter took the Field Science class under the teaching of Mr. Corbin. Peter returned to TiP at West term II 07 and took the Stones and Bones course from the instruction of Mr. David Silkenat. For his third year, Peter returned again to West term II and met Catherine. However, his instructor for the third term was the devil, Ms. Yuxuan Hu.

Peter Yom is known for his uncanny ability to catch/block any frisbee. It was at Davidson that he was first exposed to Ultimate Frisbee and grew an abounding love for the sport. During his second term at TiP, Peter developed the suicidal frisbee dives and jumps that he became known for. On his third year at TiP, Peter was a part of the Team Team ultimate team and jumped into a bush in attempt to catch a stray frisbee.