Pixley’s Homemade Memes N’ Things

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Pixley Marquardt has made many memes she’s sent to The Duke East 2019 Term Groupchat. They are considered one of the finest forms of modern art, and this gallery has been created to pay tribute to Pixley for contributing so much of her meaningful art to this cold, hateful world, and opening the eyes of many to what the world is and can be.


Titled: Moon Poco Loco

Pixley meme 1.jpeg

Titled: Sophie Knapp’s Epiphany

Pixley meme 2.jpeg

Titled: You’re Lucky It’s Not The Purge

Pixley meme 3.jpeg

Titled: Words of Wisdom From Anna Jones

Pixley meme 4.jpeg

Titled: I’ll Make My In-Laws Pay For It

Pixley meme 5.jpeg

Titled: Everyone’s a Food Baby

Pixley meme 6.jpeg