The Duke East 2019 Term Groupchat

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The Groupchat Version of the Seventh Circle

A Brief History

This groupchat, made by a tipster account on GroupMe, was a playground for chaos during Duke East Term 1 2019. With 183 members (255 on Campus), things got very confusing and very crackhead-y very quickly, even before term started. Active members were known to use this group chat to send memes, plan revolutions, bitch, moan, and cry...a lot. This groupchat- known affectionately by Tipsters as a 'hellscape' and 'cursed' - witnessed so many mental breakdowns, pixie stick snorting, emotional ranting, fights, and Scooby Doo references during its run as the term chat. Many notable polls, calendar events, and debates were heavily emphasized on in the chat. Garrick would give his weather update every morning. It was a battle for who could get the most likes on their comments. More than half the members didn’t even comment. any tipsters were afraid to step into the groupchat, afraid to be scarred by whatever tipsters were casually discussing or debating about. On the plus side, many tipsters met their best friends on the group chat before or during term as they bonded over harassing other tipsters (John Penry) and talking about crack. Though this may have been a very cursed and blackmail-filled group , it will be missed by the dedicated members, who will attempt to keep it alive as long as possible.

Notable Quotes

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  • "I'm afraid of my own fame" - Kyle Bublic
  • "I don't know if I should be proud of this camp or a little ashamed" - YaYa Kagiliery
  • "I weep for your trachea" - Lily Martin to Katie Maddox
  • "daddy b duke is our collective daddy" - Katie Maddox
  • "Nothing is better than sad boi hours with daddy b duke" - Emma Peters
  • "Evie stop I'll have to come h*ld your h*nd" - Anna Jones
  • "remember when I tried to unlock the door with my foot" - Evie
  • "Moral of the story: We're all in control group, but we're all hot as fuck" - Lauren Watson
  • "Once I showered for so long that when I got out I forgot where I was" - Macie “brightside” Richardson
  • "Broccoli in ice cream was a good idea" - Evie
  • "I'm so dumb I can't even remember the dumb things I've done" - Evie
  • "i'm on crack cause my heroin is broken" - Jack Phillips
  • "imagine unironically using any brain cells at all" - Jack Phillips
  • "i swear on my nonexistent fourth year rights, we're doing everything in our power to keep this chat alive" - Katie Maddox
  • "i will be loud enough you will hear me from whatever state you're in" - Anna Jones
  • "yes keep this chat alive, we don't want 'dead as the 2019 east group chat dead' to be a potential line in doctor doctor next year" - Braden Borbely
  • "I'm a crazy loud brass player and I had to circular breathe just to survive" - Garrick Reeder
  • "imagine having a life outside of tip,, could not relate" - Katie Maddox
  • "fact: eboys are not born they are summoned in hollisters all across america" - Adrea Norell
  • "wait i am not satan" - Jack Phillips
  • "Chipotle doesn't say 'welcome to Chipotle' so you aren't getting your money's worth" - Layla Niblock
  • "tik tok is a lawless hellscape of an app" - Katie Maddox
  • "do we need to call Justin the counselor?" - Katie Maddox
  • "i can't tell if i'm exhausted, tired, or both" - Anna Jones
  • "I had a crush on Dora the Explorer for like six straight years I don't even want to talk about it" - Macie “brightside” Richardson
  • "we really are hoes first and humans second" - Malia Hall
  • "kombucha first, hoes second" - Katie Maddox
  • "Y’know those instagram bios that’re like “god #1, family #2, friends #3” yeah that except with kombucha and hoes"- in response to Katie Maddox
  • ”Ngl I’m proud I’m not on the tip wiki page for this gc because it takes everything in my power to not be an idiot but sometimes it slips out” -Penelope Steffen
  • "I’m not like other girls.. I’m a pixy stix" - Penelope Steffen
  • "im not like the other girls im ADDICTED TO BLACK TAR HEROIN" - Anna Walker in response to Penelope Steffen
  • ”My goal is to be Tolkien, Lewis was a Protestant” - Garrick Reeder in response to Amy Budzichowski
  • ”i read one sentence of pride and prejudice this morning and forgot how to act” - Katie Maddox
  • "sell your bath water online" - Garrick Reeder
  • "ridiculus, rideo" - Jane