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Jack Phillips is a tipster who is known for four things: A) Being a mUsiCiAn B) Being an eboy C) Being a weeb D) Being a furry. He also has a 96 on the Rice Purity Test, which he laments over all the time. Someone please get this boy a relationtip before he implodes.

^^^^ lmao actually i was in a relationship but things like that won’t save you from depression 😔


Everyone knows Jack for his music. In the Duke East 2019 Talent Show, he preformed an original song that actually made Katie Maddox cry. In his class, , he was known for having his headphones in and creating lo-fi hip hop beats on his computer whenever he was bored. His habits led him to be bullied by the majority of his class, which he took with honor.


Jack wears a lot of plaid and plays guitar. He's also always sad, standing alone and listening to emo music. His personality consists of three things: how sad he is, how much he loves music, and how much of a ****** he is. Therefore, he was dubbed the title as E-boy by Katie Maddox and will be receiving an eboy makeover in 2020.


The only time you could see Jack be excited over anything besides music and p**** is anime. Homeboy actually understood Jane's Jojo References. He was even quoted on it several times, which we will discuss later

i fucking love anime


Three days after term ended, Jack declared he was a furry on the Duke East Term One 2019 group chat. Jack Phillips said as such in response to Evie who was protesting her role as a furry in the Marriages

"if you ain’t ready to be a furry i’ll do it i’m a furry weeb eboy and you can quote me on that"

He is expected to wear a fursuit to the 2020 Fourth Year Wedding. Get ready, yall.

hey guys, jack here. my fursuit is neon vomit color with pink inlays. you better be ready at the wedding.

also don’t worry. i’m only a furry ironically.