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Purpose - a play written by Emma Britton Miller as her final project for Writing for the Stage, Duke East, Term II, 2006. It was selected as one of the Top Three Most Produceable/Best Plays by a committe of fake "producers" including John Birch, and Andrew Nicholson. Her play tells the story of Ben, a man trying to figure out his sexual orientation through relationships with Liam (his friend) and Amanda (his friend/ex-girlfriend). The three scene play follows Ben as he comes to terms with himself and comes out. It ends ambiguously with the hope of a relationship with Liam.

It was directed by Cailey Sweatt, with a FABULOUS crew of Alyssa Bryan and Helen Yeh, and performed as the closing class production on the last day of WFS for the Shakespeare class, some of the Bach to Rock class, and various staff members. The cast is as follows:

Ben: Mitch Marois

Liam: Zach Brady

Amanda: Jaclyn Kottman