S.P.A.N.C. and S.P.O.T.

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S.P.A.N.C. is the Society of People Against New Crap. Its sister organization, S.P.O.T. is the Society for the Protection of Old Traditions. SPANC was formed at East Term 1 2009 by a group of 4th years under the leadership of in response to a group of 3rd years' certain affinity for a glorified piñata. SPOT was formed within a day of SPANC due to the realization that the 2nd and 3rd years were wildly unprepared to carry on traditions after the 2009 4th years left. The ironic part of these two societies was that most of the members and most of the fourth years during this term were at TiP for the first time. Therefore, they had no reason to protect the traditions that The Muffins knew more about than they did. In a possible biological terrorist attack by the piñata pinheads, Davis Goodnight acquired swine flu and was sent home early.

In the wake of this attack, SPANC and SPOT were left in a leadership vacuum. Certain persons rose formed a power hierarchy in Davis's stead, but the course of the organization was changed forever. The radical faction within the organization quickly became a minority and moderates took power. These moderates decided to allow the return of Tippy, provided that he not become a TIP tradition. They also altered the very purposed of SPANC, renaming it the "Secret Police Against New Crap" and demoting it to be merely the right hand of SPOT.

Currently, the organization is greatly disrupted, because all of its leaders were Term I 4th Years and are gone. However, this leaves a new opportunity for the radicals among East Term I 2010's 4th Years to retake control of SPOT.

In order to maintain neutrality within Tipwiki articles, it should also be noted that traditions are supposed to be organic, and that more "accepted" traditions (such as WaSW or the PorQue Plank) were also probably considered stupid when they got their start. Also, ironically, by starting up these ridiculous organizations, Davis and his bitter fourth year friends got more passionate about Tippy than the Muffins ever were.

It could easily be rebuffed that when a sizable majority of TIPsters dislike something, then they should utilize all means to stop that object's ascension to the status of tradition. I think a grand tradition would be one wherein 4th years try to stop 2nd and 3rd years from starting anything new. I had tons of fun hating Tippy this year, and I hope that next year when you and the Muffins are 4th years, the 3rd years do something so mind-bogglingly horrible that you can use your powers to stop them.


A spectre is haunting TIP—the spectre of SPANC. In order to preserve the quality of TIP that we hold dear, continue the worth of customs already in place, and insure the blessings of true traditions for ourselves and future TIPsters do declare this manifesto of the Society of People Against New Crap.

  • Article I- That no new traditions be put into place without proper considerations by both SPANC and TIPsters as a whole
    • Article I.I- That if this term be violated, the tradition be yielded to the RCs until such a time as it is either approved or demolished
  • Article II- That no member of SPANC be questioned about his or her involvement in SPANC by other TIPsters
  • Article III- That any faux traditions seized by SPANc be returned to those who actually own them by the end of term (stealing is not condoned)
    • Article III.I- That no objects confiscated by SPANC be harmed by SPANC

We know that you will work with us to insure the quality of TIP for TIPsters to come


At East Term I 2009, SPANC was responsible for the imprisonment of following 4:08 Tuesday. Peter Sloan attempted to return Tippy to the Muffins, but SPANC operatives seized him and locked him away. Before 4:08 Tuesday, SPANC operatives had limited their activities primarily to defacing pro-Tippy signs (in particular, changing advertisements for 4:08 Tuesday to reflect the fact that it was a protest to get Tippy back instead of a swine flu quarantine protest). [Edit- this is actually not true. While Peter was considering giving Tippy back eventually, he didn't even come to 4:08. Will Harris happened to be walking by at the time and got rushed.]

Tippy later reappeared during the East Term I 2009 Talent Show, featuring in the 4th Years' skit. Following the skit, Tippy was returned to the Muffins peacefully.