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Thumb Rice University Term 2 2018. Sam Unger's RAG/RC Group involving

For the first Rag night on Wednesday, the group did the typical TiP thing and watched a film/TV show: The Office was their choice, as Aryan and Samuel has been watching The Office throughout Tip so far. For the second rag night, Arman suggested through Sammy Wammy (RC Sam) a barbeque utilizing the convenient grill and fire pit in the center of the ground level of McMurtry. Meat was too expensive and worrisome, seeing as undercooked meat can cause sickness and lead to higher rates of cancer, Sam decided on Fruit Kabobs and his kind self decided to get materials for s'mores. Canadian (maple syrup) marshmallows and the typical puff marshmallows excited the whole camp, as when Evening Activites ended, the RAG was still roasting Mallows. It should be noted here that Matthew was lame and left the campfire early to hang out in The Closet. He's a lame boi ;) Through this, Sams popularity increased throughout camp. For the last RAG night, Sam's Club went out on The Village (Rice Village) and got Torchy's and some boba, but unfortunately had to leave right after their boba order came due to the time and the few number of drivers. Overall, the whole experience was awesome. Anna the instructor and Desmond RHL drove Sam's Club and had a chill time.