Sam's RAG

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General Description

This RAG group was during Duke East Term 2 2017. Sam was the RC. Let it be known that Sam's RAG is literally the best RAG. This RAG got first place, by over 100 points, on RAG competition night. Bow down.

The RC

Sam is, in the simplest terms, a queen. She is fierce, has amazing meme taste, and a great attitude. Sam told her RAG that she had no relationTIPs during her 3 years (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), not including a small fling during 2nd year at a dance. This is the Sam referred to in the "Awesome RC Trifecta" with Jackie and Connor. Also, Sam's eyeliner and inventive dance moves slayed my life.

The Devotion

For RAG night, the TIPsters literally requested to dedicate a night to watching a movie and making a "SAM IS MY QUEEN" buttons. It was a glorious night. Grease is pretty sexist.