Shakesperience: From the Page to the Stage (Davidson)

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Shakespearience, more commonly known as Shakespeare, is a really cool class. It involves not only analyzing the literature, but performing scenes also.

Term 1- 2012

Shakespeare was definitely the class with the most inside jokes. A list with some can be found below. Our teacher was Ryan Thorpe, aka Doctor Mister Teacher Professor Man Sir Ryan Dude Squirrel, or Thor for short, and our T.A. was Emily. They provided us with 2 textbooks: Shakespeare's words (a glossary) and The Arden Complete Works of Shakespeare. Class was held in 2 places, usually. In the mornings, it was in Chambers and in the afternoons, we went down to the frat house. Our desks were set up in a U formation, the best way of an interactive class.

Term 1- 2013

Shakespeare was still the class with the most inside jokes.Our teacher was Boone J. Hopkins, an assistant professor at Converse College. Our TA was Emily. We still got the 2 textbooks (Arden and Glossary). Class was always held in Room 3084 in Chambers Hall. Our performances were held in "The Forest of Arden"(THE TREES around Chambers) the amphitheater outside of Alvarez Union, and in Hance Auditorium. Our classroom never had an organized fashion to it. Most of the time we just sat on the floor and refused to wear shoes.

People in Term 1 2013

  • Jack D.
  • Delaney N.
  • Rachel G.
  • Lawrence S.
  • Thea M.
  • William.
  • Cole K.
  • Ella R.
  • Sofia D.
  • Allison S.
  • Emily S.
  • Clarrisa M.
  • Addie B.
  • Cesca C.

The Inside Jokes Term 1 2013

  • I'm keepin' the CROWN
  • MERELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes,Yes
  • Be the best BOONE you can be
  • SupOrlando
  • I just snogged Madame de Pompadour (Whovians)
  • Thou art damned
  • Thou art raw, like an ill roasted egg. All on one side
  • I am slain
  • The great umbrella
  • Richard the not so great umbrella
  • I ship it
  • Hold my shoes
  • Give me the hat
  • TEN POINTS TO Ravenclaw
  • Do the William
  • Dark side of the Boone
  • Darren Criss
  • I'm not crying I'm Stefon
  • I swum ashore man, like a duck. I SWUM LIKE A DUCK
  • Fabulous
  • The whole butt, man!
  • You're not gay, you're fabulous
  • Give him a comb and you've got a metro sexual hair stylist
  • 3 Plaids work
  • Senor Friendzone at your service
  • Why only have 1 umbrella when you can have two
  • I'm Harry Freakin' Potter
  • Burn you cheating pig
  • Protein
  • Wench PUHLEASE
  • Really Thea?
  • Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Hogwarts
  • The bricks are moving
  • Get out of my throne
  • I will bite you

The War Against Creative Writing(Term 1 2013)

It all started with the games. We would jump and stomp on the floor as a part of our acting exercises and games.At some point we crossed the line. One of the insiders in the class soon showed us an angry poem from Creative Writing threatening war. One day the next week Creative writing came up one floor,with cardboard shields and swords in hand, and read an ill versed poem not in iambic pentameter. Also their instructor gave us the Shakespeare middle finger.(thumb bite) However, this did not come without retaliation from the class, mostly SupOrlando. SupOrlando, in his trademark fedora and cape, jumped forward to defend the class with the broken remains of the magic heart umbrella. Yes the heart umbrella. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Rachel before he could intimidate the class to leave.

A Typical Week

Well, it was anything but typical... We would read one of the plays (we read Twelfth Night, Julius Caesar and Merchant of Venice). In the afternoons, we would go to the frat house and perform acting exercises. We would also be working on a scene or monologue from a play. A list of memorable moments can be found below.

The Frat House

The Frat house was home to many of Shakespeare's favorite games and acting exercises. Some of those exercises include (yes, I know some were in chambers): stage fighting, a 3 minute monologue (made up), giving instructions,and many more. We also played many games (and not just in the frat house, such as... -

The People

Now you may be wondering, well who exactly was in that class (unless you were there, cuz we were hard to miss). The awesome Shakespeareian TIPsters included:

  • Jack
  • Erika
  • Amy
  • Jennifer
  • Katie
  • Sydney
  • Elena
  • Darby
  • Bo
  • Indira
  • Mira
  • Kerina
  • Hannah
  • Annie
  • Isaac
  • Delaney

Memorable Moments from Our Scenes

  • Week One
 *Jack's Monolague- jack finished his super serious monologue, took a bow, and did a quick jig backwards...
  • Week Two
 *Jack and Darby- Helena and Dimitrius- Darby was all over Jack and it was quite funny...
  • Week Three

Gilbert- the plaque on the wall that supported us in all of our performances "You guys look emo, cuz you're in all black" "We prefer the term NINJA"

Inside Jokes

  • Awkward Shakespeare
  • Golf Clap
  • Squirrelfriend
  • Daaaarrrby!!!!
  • Duck,Duck Goose!
  • Soviet Russia
  • Extra Bread (on our T-shirts)
  • How to capture a unicorn...
  • Doctor Who...?
  • Doctor Who Reference
  • And on... and on... and on...
  • Meteors
  • I want to be your SPANIEL!!!!!!
  • Hold my purse
  • I believe I have the Prior claim
  • I do bite my thumb at you sir!
  • Exeunt Severally!
  • Guy from Oregon (pizza)
  • Thefters
  • Gerbils
  • Heating Ducts (scary ones)
  • Gilbert
  • we prefer the term NINJA
  • I have servants to do that for me
  • What? You think I would do this? *Jack pretends to "wash" himself*
  • Doctor Mister Teacher Professor Man Sir Ryan Dude Squirrel
  • Not the brightest pencil in the light bulb
  • Does it taste like normal hair?
  • Barbra Streissand
  • I am dumb
  • I ate thee, sandwich (and other ways to say i ate the sandwich)
  • Thumb, Do I bite my sir? (and others)
  • Awkward monologue- Antonio to Sebastian (by Katie)
  • Purple Mustache
  • Strooookeyourfaaace
  • Pink Ping Pong Ball Joke

Shakespeare was awesome: the people, the class and the memories. We definitely have one of the strongest bonds I have ever seen.EXTRA BREAD PLEASE!!!!!!

TIP 2014 Term 2


  • Caroline
  • Alex (the one guy)
  • Hannah
  • Sabrina
  • April
  • Sadie
  • Leigh
  • Isabel Bradford
  • Lillian
  • Alexandra
  • Payton
  • Sarah
  • Kathryn
  • Praise
  • Brylie

TAs and Instructors: Amy(who has no heart) and Taylor(Who enjoys space cats)

Inside jokes:

  • Peep!
  • Rooster in a henhouse
  • Vanilla milkshake with EXTRA nerds (srsly try it)
  • Brylie, NO! Brylie, YES!
  • There were more but you know.

This term of Shakesperience was definitely the most lit. In the first few days, we had already gotten kicked out of Chambers and into the pink sorority house because (a) we were tok loud and (b) Amy might have cursed in the hallway and the hall monitor didn't like it. The pink sorority house was freezing. Very, very freezing. Some other things:

  • We also got the most buttons of ANYONE.
  • Each person had an individual task to complete before they earned a much coveted space cat button. Isabel got hers first. You go, girl.
  • There was also a glittery purple sparkle cat named Macbeth which Sarah would wear on her head. A lot of people wore it on their heads, really.
  • At the end of the term, we put on a play called "Get to Know Your War." It was hilarious. It was a masterpiece. It was iconic.
  • Isabel performed a dance to the CNC song and everyone copied her.
  • We wrote sonnets and performed them for the WIMPS club. That stood for something, but I forgot what.
  • Sarah told the WIMPS club she wanted to be a pyromaniac.
  • We played a hot air balloon game in which each person was a character. This game became iconic. Isabel was Inigo Montoya.
  • Amy was also a judge for TiPsync. She was amazing. She has no heart but she was amazing. She stroked Macbeth the cat while doing it.
  • I think I got most of it

Amy's youtube channel has some of our antics on it (including Get to Know Your War). The channel is called Amy Heishman. Maybe there are two n's. I'm not sure.

Chant: "There is one God..." "And his name is William Shakespeare!"

2016 Term 2

We're a jolly ol' bunch, despite losing Lily (RIP), who fractured her knee and sprained her ankle on the 15th of July, sending her home. The class is made up of 16 students. These TIPsters are:

  • Zach
  • Hayley
  • Katie
  • Tiffany
  • Sarah
  • Dillon
  • Clayton
  • Sadie
  • Benjamin
  • Emily
  • Tucker
  • Ariel
  • Lily (RIP)
  • Lani
  • Abby
  • Isabel

We were aided in our TIPventure by our instructor, Taylor, and TA, Amanda.

2016 Term 2 Inside Jokes

It seems that the Shakespeare class in renowned for their inside jokes. Here are a few.

  • Billy Shakes
  • Billy Shakes the Lotus Chicken
  • The Broem (Sonnet 18)
  • Hamlatte (Hamlet)
  • Sebastian/Antonio (12th Night)
  • The Banned Words/Actions List
  • "No one cares about the Mewtwo, Dillon"
  • Shakesqueer
  • "Your quest begins"
  • Potatoes
  • ZOUNDS! (Not sure if this really counts as an inside joke, but it's worth adding.)
  • Facial push
  • Don't fight Emily
  • (crabwalking) "Listen here,"
  • Greatness
  • "Shelf 50"
  • "Three 5-foot ladders"
  • "GO FOR THE LEGS!!!"
  • I am slain.
  • For I am nay bawdy maiden!
  • The Handy Guide to Homicide
  • "Don't get Amanda fired!"
  • Lady Richard Macbeth III (a.k.a. Queen of Hearts)
  • All together, "Yay, drunk people!"
  • "Double, double, toil, and trouble, boy! Fire burn and cauldron bubble like WHOOP!"

The Banned Words/Actions List

Taylor got tired of people saying things over and over again, so the list was born

  • Potatoes
  • Cthulhu
  • Ca-Caw
  • America-ca
  • Hanky Panky (not clear if the word or action is banned) (probably both)
  • Rocks/stones/pebbles
  • Waluigi

Shakespearian Dictionary

  • Quonk- care (note: can also be used as a wide variety of curse words)
  • Swonk- mini screw
  • Di'tink- cucumber
  • Kastor'Banz- dragon

Awesome Stuff