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Starcraft is a computer game created by Blizzard Entertainment popular during TIP at Duke West Term II 2008 and 2009. One round of Starcraft can hold up to eight players, but depending on the situation may be limited to only two or three. The game was first brought to TIP in 2008 by 4th year Daniel. The game caught on with many TIPsters, including the Nanotechnology class. An epic game of Starcraft was played during the final evening study session with the knowledge, consent, partaking and enjoyment of the TA Daniel. Highlights included Blake "the Beast" nuking the crud out of everyone and Eric's frickin' huge Carrier army. On the last night, the TA Daniel took a group of sixteen guys to the Old Chem tech lab to play Starcraft. Two 4v4 games were played. One ended quickly and ended up being rematched but the other was simply a war of attrition. In 2009, the Starcraft tradition was brought back by 4th year Charlie and was played less frequently, but the underground Starcraft community was still present.

Places to Play Stacraft

  • Bryan Center computers during free time
  • Library during evening activities or class "research" time
  • Old Chem tech lab (2008 term II last night only)
  • N Computer lab during free time or on Sunday

Epic Starcraft Matches at TIP

1. 8-player 2-hour long war of attrition described above

2. 8-player game at the same time as the aforementioned game which was 3 versus 5. After Gray S's Zerg were almost obliterated, Danny W's 20 dragoons saved him. While Danny Y's siege tanks and wraiths held two players at bay, Danny W obliterated one protoss enemy. Gray established a base on the central island before overrunning Alex H's protoss base with 60 cracklings and another Zerg opponent's base with 20 mutalisks. with only two enemies left, the team of three mopped up.

3. 2v5 match in N basement. Brandon B and Gray S took on 5 of their rag mates. after Gray was overrun early, he escaped to the corners and succeeded in harassing all five opponents with dark templar while Brandon built his signature carrier army. Once the carriers were complete, the team of five stood no chance.

4. a 2v3 match- Michael H, Alex H, and Trevor W versus Gray S and Charlie. Five seconds into the game Alex H's protoss were comandeered by RC Andrew. He proceeded to pwn us all. By escaping to the corner and later overrunning Andrew's base with guardians, the team of two barely won.

5. A 2v2 match in which one player, terran, was destroyed except for a remote outpost with a nuclear silo and four ghosts. fun ensued.

6. Danny Y vs Gray S- early scouting led Danny to the idea that building 20 vultures would lead him to victory. Gray's siege tanks disagreed.