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The Super Squirrel Squad (SSS) was the name of the 2007 Politics in Practice class. The name comes from the mascot, Squirrel Who's Sane. Their T-shirts consisted of a picture of George W. Bush folding his hands with a nuclear explosion in the background. On the back it shows a quote that says "If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier,just as long as I'm dictator."(George W. Bush) They were highly active throughout the campus, putting on a rally in front of Oliver Hall and giving out public punishments (mostly done by Andrew Mahtook.) (We're sorry, Andrew!)

Members of the Super Squirrel Squad

  • Andrew Mahtook: Marie
  • Dionne O'Bannon: Dionnalicious
  • DeeDee Dong
  • Austin Spooner
  • Ari Hutton
  • Emma Ploucha
  • Alex Williams
  • Dara Charson
  • Teylor Hill: Arkansas
  • Bekka White: "BEKKA ALL DAY LONG!"
  • Abraham Almandoraz: Breakdancer
  • Rex Tai: High Priest-Bear
  • Anthony Dechen
  • Alex Hoyer: Mr. President
  • Sierra Horton
  • Nace Zipperman: Melech Nace
  • Tyler Clark: Penguin Human
  • Erick Pena: The Illusionist
  • Wes Bohannon
  • Squirrel Hussein: Class mascot (and dictator)
  • Peace Bear


  • When you see the flash, DUCK AND COVER!


  • "Are you a communist?" -Bob Roberts
  • "Don't do crack. It's a ghetto drug." -Bob Roberts
  • "After all the things you could've been named after, why a tree frog".-Ari
  • "Racist!!!!"- Abraham
  • "They performed naked on stage for fifteen minutes."-DeeDee
  • "CARPET BOMB"- Nace and Tyler
  • "My name is Marie Antionette, how may I help you"- Andrew
  • "I will do the right thing...most of the time"- Austin
  • "Just an Illusion"- Erick
  • "I'm a capitalist alright"-Wes
  • "Sk*nk"- Dionne
  • "I let the slaves have Sunday off." Sierra
  • "Halla fa Allah." Emma
  • "George Bush was sentenced for crimes against humanity"- Anthony
  • "Don't make fun of me just because I'm from Arkansas.-Teylor

Good Times

  • Tyler and Bekka calling out to random students for them to accept Peace Bear
  • In-class punishments (dances)
  • Playing NATIONS and ganging up against Bampff
  • Alex H's presidential scandal


  • Music in Politics
  • How to Take Over the World in Three Easy Steps
  • Watched Bob Roberts
  • Nations
  • Handling Scandal!
  • Ethics Scenarios
  • Making of Foreign Policies