Sydney's Cracked Eggs

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Sydney's RAG of fabulous 3rd years at East term II 2012 enjoyed such activities as: perching, stealing all of Ellison's pillows, having llovely hallway parties, invading Mother Goose's personal bubble, and singing loudly on the way to (and back from) Ninth Street. One hundred percent of people polled listed Sydney's RAG as hottest RAG. They also had the greatest floorgy EVER (pictured below). To be fair, it wasn't so much a floorgy as a cuddle fest in the middle of the hall (The middle of the hall? From what I recall, it spanned the entire width of that hallway). They were generally the most supermegafoxyawesomehot people on the block/in the building/on East.

The RAG before the first dance, which was decades themed. (front, L-R) Ellison, Bridget, Sidney, Lily, Simran, Michelle. (back) Sydney, Elizabeth, Kelsey, Abby, Jesse, Kathryn, Sarah.
The (in)famous hall pile mentioned earlier.
2012 RAG Christmas card

RAG Members

  • Sarah Arney (the one who's fantastic at Frisbee)
  • Sidney Cobb (the one who's always with a man...usually being carried)(maybe she's her own man? ever thought of that? huh? HUH?)
  • Bridget Colliton (the one with herpes)(and the best Mongolian throat singer East has ever seen/heard)
  • Simran Gupta (the quiet one)(nah she wasn't quiet, she just didn't participate in a lot of our shenanigans.)
  • Lily Haskins (The Mao master (or Nazi). Draco Malfoy.) (Is known to break her glasses at very inopportune moments.)
  • Ellison Hersch (The LLAMA MAMA)(before she was the Llama Mama, she was a lloving mother and owner of a very soft jacket)
  • Kathryn Jason (Hermoine.) (Owns outrageously awesome rainbow tights and saved us all with black lipstick for EMOnday)(Whoever wrote the last part has my eternal llove.)
  • Elizabeth McGuire (The fantasmic one)(her name's not Rachel)
  • Abby Neill ("Tall. Blond. C-cup"-Batman)
  • Michelle Peng (Just...THAT one.)(omg guise who wrote the descriptions. i'm very offended)(Easily takes offense at others) (Also she slept in the closet one night and made her bed into a- I admit, really comfy- blanket fort.)
  • Kelsey Powers (Ron)( that really all I did?)(Constantly singing. TIPwiki admin. Really though, constantly singing. In a good way.)
  • Jesse Woodhull (The one who HAD the boyfriend(who may or may not be a fox) back at home. Also has the ability to communicate complete ideas to Kelsey just by raising an eyebrow. "The beautifulliest roomie ever"- Lily)
  • Sydney Zorowitz (RC)(MAMA GOOSE!!!!!)(total babe)

Unofficial members:

  • Leland Ott (Leafland and Kelpsea)(Is in the "I Sat In A Trash Can" club with Michelle)
  • Henry Saussy (Strawberry Shortcake)
  • Sam Feldman (Dipshit)

Inside Jokes

  • Are you a chair? 'Cause that's a chair.
  • Swaggie Horse Dueces (neigh, neigh)
  • Mother Goose and her soon-to-be swans/ugly ducklings/cracked eggs
  • KELPsea (and LEAFland)
  • Can I see your horse costume?
  • Bridget is a Saussy factory (with Herpes)
  • Michelle is not allowed to touch the salt. Or the aloe.
  • He's a man horse!
  • Neighh....Naiden!
  • Wait, isn't that a centaur?
  • yo does Horse in the Barn count?

Sacred Rituals

  • Every time you see Sydney, latch on to her/perch next to her. There are some pretty interesting photos of this. (Yeah, when I got TIP pictures developed, I think I permanently scarred the CVS photo worker...)
  • The Traveling Chair: Sydney had a magnificent round folding chair of the llovliest blue (it was also very soft) that was passed around the last couple of nights(it only made it to 3 rooms before the end of tip). During the day it would occupy the hallways, providing a sanctuary of comfort and warmth. That is, until the last night when it was RUINED BY SOME VERY NAUGHTY TIPSTERS.
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace: Kathryn came by a necklace with two horses on it- swaggie horse dueces, one might say, in the time shortly after the end of term. Rules were created, and this necklace now travels between RAG members, spanning the many miles between them that their parent's cars cannot. Each person is supposed to write about what they do while wearing the necklace, and add something (like lots and lots of glitter) to the package and send it on its way. Typically, enthusiastic selfies are posted on the RAG facebook page when one receives the necklace. Some people take FOREVER to send it on. *Cough* ELLISON AND SARAH *Cough*

RAG Nights

  • First Week: Watched Despicable Me and ate pizza (shhhhh, it's a secret) in the super comfy film room in Carr. Afterwards, we took some pretty sweet pictures of Michelle in a trash can (actually it was a really big recycle bin.)This was day one of her goal to sit on/sleep in/perch on as many strange places as possible.
  • Second Week: Graffitti'd in the freedom tunnel and had gelato at Francesca's on Ninth Street. We were told by Mama Goose that apparently it isn't necessary to sing at the top of one's lungs when traveling by foot, but I don't think that's true.
  • Third Week: Played Capture the Flag at Walmart with TAs. Many hats were found, and a large volume of candy was purchased by some. Also we found all the fox-related items in Walmart (THERE WERE ONLY TWO. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! IN ALL OF WALMART.) for Joey.