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Term 1

Reid Griffin, once you talk to him, is very interested in organic chemistry, but perhaps his biggest accomplishment in his school career has been serving Term one PharmFam as a TA. He was always around the female species, and then Ben Huynh. It was often joked that the girls, especially Emily Hart, Ariana Weiss and Madeline Williford treated him like a brother, mostly because of the tasks he was forced to do, such as carrying every Pharmfam member's back pack to the forestry building when he wouldn't allow them to ride the bus. He might not have enjoyed it, but they were sure that the task helped him in his training for his next 5k. Once the day wore on, he led Pharmfam to Snelling, where they feasted and then passed the time until class began again by challenging him to more tasks that aided in his 5k training (ie. standing on one foot for the longest amount of time). Reid was also very tickled by Madeline Williford's impression of the Great Cornholio from Beavis and Butthead and he claimed it sounded just like the original, later he found an illustration of Beavis taped to his door by Madeline and Emily Hart. He is also unaware of the popular singer of our generation, Taylor Swift, who he thought was Taylor Smith. You could often spot him whistling the melody to Thrift Shop by Macklemore and he was very, very afraid to take his shoes off in the staff circle at the dances. At the last dance, he was seen with his shoes off, to the surprise of many. He was spotted at the dances almost always on the balcony, but Pharmfam got him to do an amateur arm wave dance at the last dance. Reid Griffin also contributed to the awkward of the Pharmfam and teamed up with Valana to teach us the ways of awkward dances, hence Apple Pie (the dance done to Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown). Reid also sparked many class discussions, one being started by Ariana Weiss when she was surprised to find out that the rest of the TiPsters did not know what a frocket was, even though it was a front pocket as obviously indicated by the name. Many, including him believed that the term stood for "frog rocket", which was what probably led to a future infatuation with a picture illustrating this absurd idea. Overall, he was a great TA, but as you know, everyone has their flaws. His flaws are the ability to wear different outfits, even though he claims that he does laundry often, but who has time to do that?

Term 2

Reid Griffin, the PharmFam TA at UGA in 2013, had the common nickname of 'chiseled mountain man' for most of Term 2, a name given to him by Andrea Gardner that soon spread to other admiring TiPsters. He also had the nickname Willie given to him by Kathryn Hood, which was a nickname he especially admired. Throughout the second term, he constantly wore his Atlanta Braves hat, blue blockers, and an ugly bowling shirt which he loved, but everyone else hated it. During the first pharmacy trip, vulnerable Reid fell in love at first sight with the beautiful pharmacy girl, Sidney. His infatuation was undeniable and completely blatant throughout the term. Willie and Sidney are forever <3 Reid also became infatuated with an image found on Gooooooogle (sprouting from our conversations about the class t-shirts), which is a frog with a rocket strapped to its back. Yes, it is a frocket, and it made it on our termbook page. A fake mustache on Madeline Seagle also made it on the termbook page, with approval from Madeline, of course. He also made the daring decision to shave his beard down to a mustache one day during the third week, which stirred up many conversations among TiPsters and staffers alike. Reid received many harsh (but true) nicknames, such as looking like a pedofile or a '70s cop. Or both. He showed up clean shaven the next day, to the relief of many TiPsters. Basically, Reid was the best TA ever, even through all of his shenanigans. We love ya *butterfly hand motion*