TIP Watchlist

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The TIP Watchlist is created to track people that break the TIPropriate environment others work SOOOO HARD to create.

Level 1: Minor violations including walking barefoot, saying one curse word, or minor PDA

Level 2: Two minor violations or multiple uses of inaTIPpropriate language, extreme PDA, inaTIPpropriate launguage, or jumping hedges

Level 3: Major violations such as going into other tipsters' rooms and horseplay or multiple lower violations

Level 4: A lot of minor violations or breaking university rules

Level 5: Getting kicked out ,articipating in illegal activities, or multiple lower violations

Level 6: Major physical violence or law breaking

Level 7: Naliah level violations


-Naliah level 7

-Brandon A level 2

-Dakota level 2

-Ramsey Beard level 2

-Emma G level 2

-Mahdir level 2

-Blake Chronan level 7

-Revreep level 2

-Kevin level 2

-Tony level 2