Blake Chronan

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Blake Chronan is a person in Astronautical Engineering He always eats way too much Ice breaker bubble gum cubes all the time. He has already taken calc AB. He enjoys kicking small Brandon (see TIP Watchlist). Blake is a thirty-year old man in a nine-year old's body. He has a ton of pent up aggression in such a tiny body. Blake is also very creative in thinking up insults. Blake enjoys bullying a variety of TIP students including, but not limited to Naliah, Brandon Inferior, Brandon Superior, Abigail, and Emma. In the future, Blake plans in building a pineapple train to Pluto, a feat that would require 16 quadrillion pineapples (citation needed). Aka tiny Brandon.


"most likely to send gum to mars"

"most likely to kick people in the gut"