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At Davidson Term 1 2012, Tara Sheffer was an RC and had some of the most amazing girls on campus in her group. It consisted of 12 girls on the second floor; Alex, Laura Lee, Anna, Karen, Rachel "Ray-dubbs", Jessica, Pratima, Melissa, Rachael "Ray-Jay", Saachi, Ally, and Jasmine. <--everyone there is listed next to their roommate by the way. Aine's RC group was our like "partner" RC group. Bella was an honorary member, making Tara's RC group just that much more amazing.

Tara went to Duke East for Term 2

Rachel "Raydubbs" Wolfe

Raydubbs had many famous quotes, the most notable of which was "Anna, STOP SPOONING ME!!" as Anna poked her with a spoon. The nickname Raydubbs came from Tara on the first night, seeing as Rachel was the most common name at that term. She always seemed to be getting in to trouble and it was (usually) not her fault. It started when she ACCIDENTALLY got her roommate Jessica's toe rammed under the door, and it got all bloody and Tara got really mad. Then she and Laura Lee got in trouble with RC Davis for being in the stairwell after hours. (to get Hammie's jacket for Ally) Then there was a cotton candy incident with Anna and Alex, and a few other little things. She was close friends with Alex, Laura Lee, Ally, and Bella. She was framed by Ally when Ally yelled "GINGER PEETA!!" across the cafeteria and looked away quickly to make it look like Raydubbs had been the one to scream. She took Creative Writing and absolutely hated it. She does not recommend taking that class. Her roomie was Jessica. After the last RC group night, she was designated the old witch from Brave with Princess Nolan being her creepy singing bird. Superlative - Most likely to make creepy faces.

Jessica Steckleberg

Jessica was in Cryptography and was famous for her amazing flailing ability. Her best quote was definitely "You can't spell life without fail. Wait...what?" She had a lot of friends in Aine's RC group. She always said things like "Cool story bro, tell it again" and "Bro!" or "Brah...." She was in cryptography with 2 other girls in the RC group, Anna and Jasmine. Superlative - Most likely to flail around.

Saachi Datta

Saachi was made famous at Summerfest because Hammie's when I think of Saachi dance. Explained below. She was in Mock Trial with Laura Lee and Karen, and was just all around pretty darn awesome. Superlative - Most likely to become Madame President

Rachael "Rayjay" Johnson

Rayjay was in Psychology with Alex and was one of her closest Tip friends. They were rarely seen without the other. Rayjay was also friends with her roommate Saachi and Yasmine Ruiz, another psychology student. She was the designated hairdresser for the RC group, and spent her free time experimenting the brand new Portuguese braid on Alex's hair. She was relatively famous for (ACCIDENTALLY) slapping Chris (the Psychology instructor) in the face during Time Warp at the 2nd dance. She and Alex thought that they were going to be roomies, but the names were accidentally put on the wrong doors. They had a contest to see who could get more hugs from Hammie (Alex so won). They shared a love of Josh Hutcherson and Disney Princess movies. She was extremely optimistic and still manages to annoy Alex with her ability to always look on the bright side, or to invent a bright side when there really isn't one. Superlative - Most likely to be a hair stylist

Ally DiVito

The most awesome ginger in existence, and also Merida. She was the only one in a totally confirmed relationTiP with anyone. She and Hammie were so fricking cute. We were all irritated with how we learned that they were dating only because Alex threatened not to forgive Hammie for accidentally slapping her during ninja unless he told the truth. Ally was in intro to lab sciences and told us stories involving Ginger Peeta like trouble in the bathroom. She was friends with Alex, Laura Lee, Princess Nolan, Spencer, Ginger Peeta, Hammie ( <3 ), Jasmine (her roomie), and Zoey. Superlative - Most likely to be jelly on toast in a French restaurant.

Jasmine Palmetta

(Pronounced Jesamine) She was in Cryptography with Anna and Jessica, and was roomies with Ally. Her greatest quote came right after Jessica's saying "You can't spell life without fail. Or parts of it anyway." Jasmine replied by stating "That's like saying you can't spell life without elephant." Superlative - Most likely to spell life with elephant

Pratima Bajaj

Both amazing and Tara-fying, Pratima had one of the dirtiest minds in existence to this day. She proved this by telling everyone in the RC group about The Scene, horrifying Alex while everyone else laughed hysterically. Eventually anything perverted became one of the many "Pratima Thoughts." She was close to a few girls her class Mathematical Problem Solving and to Alex, Ally, Rachel, Jasmine, and Rachael. Superlative - Most likely to corrupt minds.


I don't know anything other than the fact that she was in Creative Writing, was Pratima's roomie, and was very shy and quiet. She actually really got into Creative Writing and was a really good writer. Superlative - Most likely to become a famous author


Karen was in Mock Trial and was Anna's roommate. Unlike most roomies, they couldn't have been more different. Karen had memorized how many books she'd read in 2012 before the beginning of nerd camp, and it was somewhere close to 300. We sang a song for her during highs and lows, and she had her 13th birthday at camp. She had an adorable little laugh. Superlative - Most likely to take over the world


Anna was Karen's roomie, was in cryptography, and loved chasing squirrels. She terrified Hammie. She backed Nolan in the "French restaurants don't use jelly" argument. She was famous for only wearing graphic tees, especially one that she let Alex borrow that got pink glitter all over her entire body, in her hair and on her favorite jeans. She was another victim of the Cotton Candy Incident. Superlative - Most likely to capture squirrels

Laura Lee Johnson

Laura Lee took Mock Trial, and in her last trial she played a teen mom. During free time she was usually seen with Bella trying to keep away from Sashwin. Also known as "Laura Lee Speller", because Jake aka Chipmunk Kid had a crush on her ( It was also said that Maroony had "burnt her rose". (Laura Lee/Jake) Her boyfriend back home also liked to compliment the other girls in her RC group. She was well known for being a "sexy texy" and she was famous for being a hipster and we will never look at nerd glasses the same. She was a participant in the banana game, and may have made eye contact with Ginger Peeta. She frequently had cheerwine mustaches. She and Ally had a contest to see who could get more hugs, and Laura Lee won when she hugged Ginger Peeta while saying "I love you. I am the Katniss to your Peeta." She had the most amazing spiderman blanket ever and Alex and Laura Lee hid under it when there was a cockroach in our room on the first night. Superlative - Most likely to be Miss Texas She attended Duke East for her 2nd and 3rd year and can be found in the 2013, 2014, and post-tip relationtip lists and on her page with jake and matt, her current boyfriend.

Alex Tummon

Alex took Psychology. Her free time was spent mostly in the basement, having tickle fights with Teddy (wink wink) and then disappearing for long periods of time in the stairwell. She has the most adorable sneeze ever (hence the superlative). She had many stalkers who told her guy friends that she was hot. That was probably awkward for Teddy because he was obviously in love with her. Pretty much everyone knew who she was just because of a rumored relationTiP. She was a part of the Golden Trio. Superlative - Most likely to sneeze like Pikachu

Bella Allen

Bella was in Mock Trial with Laura Lee, Karen, and Saachi. She was in Aine's RC group but was an honorary member of ours due to the fact that she was always in Laura Lee's room and spent all of her time with Laura Lee, Alex, Rachel, Sashwin, and Maroony (Josh). Unofficial Superlative - Most likely to be terrified at 10:46 each night


  • Legit
  • Anna, stop spooning me!
  • Hey, I'm Herron
  • And when I think of Saachi...
  • Awko Taco with a side of guaco
  • You can't spell life without fail. Or elephant.
  • Karennnnn.... Karennnnnn... Karennnnnn.... KARENNNNNNNN
  • Cool story bro, tell it again.
  • Cool story babe, go make me a sandwhich.
  • Tara-fied, Tara-ble, etc.

The Cotton Candy Incident

At the Kannapolis Intimidators game, nobody was supposed to be gone for more than 15 minutes and we had to travel in groups of 3 or more. It all started when Raydubbs said she wanted some water, and then Anna was like "Oh I'll go with you" and Alex went with them too. The line for cotton candy seemed really short, so Alex thought "Oh I'll just get some cotton candy and share it with everyone." They all got into the short line, where they learned that you had to pay there and get into the really long line to get your cotton candy. Alex thought that it wouldn't take that long, so she paid and then got into the line. She was WRONG. About 15 - 20 minutes later, after both Raydubbs and Anna had gone and gotten water and popcorn and come back, and there had been a lengthy discussion about how Ginger Peeta always wears shirts that class with his hair, they were in the same place. They saw RC Jim leaving with his RAG, and then panicked and ran back where Tara was waiting. They got yelled at and were in solitary confinement on the ride back to Davidson. The next day (Sunday), they had no free time from 11 - 11:45, they sat in the office and wrote an apology letter to Tara explaining what had happened. So yeah.