The Day It Rained

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This is the story of the day it rained at Georgia Tech Term II 2014.

On July 20, a pleasant Sunday afternoon, everybody walked down to the auditorium place where we finished the Lego Movie (the sound had stopped working when we attempted to watch it the previous weekend). Then we watched Toy Story 3. When both of these were over, our OSD Carson ascended the stage and announced that it had begun pouring 30 seconds before. So everyone walked back in a downpour.

  • You had to slosh through an inch or two of water. Keep in mind that it isn't exactly a short stroll to anywhere on this campus.
  • If you had an umbrella, you had to share it with at least one other person. (Somebody chose instead to run all the way back sheltered by a giant stuffed penguin bought from the Georgia Aquarium.)
  • If you were wearing plastic flip-flops, you were in the best position footwear-wise: your feet were cold and wet, but your shoes weren't ruined. The same cannot be said of other shoes- tennis shoes, Converse, and the like would get soaked AND your feet would be wet. The only downside to wearing flip-flops was that if one came off your foot, it would float away and you would have to slosh after it. I would like to include, though, that some people decided to save their shoes and run back barefoot instead.
  • The huge 49-stair-high outdoor staircase that leads to the dorms turned into what will forever be affectionately known as "The Stairs Waterfall". (The phrase was even used in Sarah/Leia and Lucy's TIP parody of Secrets at this term's Talent Show.

The Stairs Waterfall.png

As soon as TIPsters began arriving back at the dorms, there was a mad rush for showers comparable to the Bloodbath in the Hunger Games.

Following this, many got into the habit of taking umbrellas wherever they went.